About us

Biosystems Engineering is a Mechanical Engineering Consulting firm based in Australia. Since its foundation in 1999, Biosystems Engineering has employed innovative way of thinking for mechanical engineering value maximisation, developing and applying the importance of the idea of R&D and its collaboration for businesses growth utilising the concept of sustainable design incorporating technologies that benefit mankind and the environment.

Biosystems Engineering is a designing house, specialised in research and develop equipments and parts for agricultural, biomass and forestry businesses. Biosystems Engineering shapes ideas to become practical and attractive propositions to our Clients.

The start of a project at Biosystems Engineering is marked when a unsolved machinery problem brought by a Client demands a solution or a advancement in machinery design is required resulting in the development of new solution or adaption of existing product.

Biosystems Engineering innovation process model is composed of research activities and idea generation techniques to drive the creation of new solutions, according to existing mechanical engineering standards. Our team is required to have total understanding of our Clients’ business goals that they are attempting to fulfill. Biosystems Engineering works to excel its customer service process to meet Clients’ needs.

Our service is provided with no complex infrastructure allowing transparent business relation with our Clients and project partners. Our specialty with premium level of expertise in business analysis, planning, testing, and investigation phases delivering precise engineering designing and quality parts, these are important variables to provide efficient and sought products at market value.

Biosystems Engineering strives to perform and deliver solutions to every Client that walks in with a problem. Our service methodology consists in providing solutions to each Client's specific needs.

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